Martlett Consulting Ltd is a small specialised consultancy focused on providing procurement advice and bid support to companies serving the UK and NATO defence industries. With many years of expertise in MOD procurement, Martlett can help you target your bid at the right people, express it in the right terms, and understand the unspoken needs of your defence customers.

Martlett is headed by Guy Brocklebank, whose 36 years in the Royal Navy (latterly as Captain, RN, responsible for aspects of procurement policy at the Ministry of Defence) have given him unrivalled expertise — from both sides — in the complexities of defence procurement. Guy combines military awareness and contacts with commercial expertise so as to ensure you make the best of your resources when finding, winning and delivering defence contracts.

For more information, or to discuss how Martlett might be able to help you, please contact us.

26 Gatwick Road
SW18 5UF

Tel: 020 8874 2961 mobile: 0780 170 2891